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Why Need Us?

1) Virtual tours bring the property to life right in front of the computer. It allows buyers to view the house anytime, anywhere as long as the buyers have a desktop, laptop, iPad or handphone. It gives buyers the experience of viewing the house without having to be physically present at the house. By doing so, buyers can view more houses as compared to having to be there physically on the ground. Buyers can narrow their choices and shortlist the houses they really want to view before arranging an appointment with the marketing agent. This will in turn generate into more potential calls/viewings for the agent as the buyers have already viewed the place virtually, hence reducing unnecessary live tours. Therefore increase the agent's chance of closing the deal.

2) View without disturbing the existing tenant. Very often we may have experience with Sellers wanting to sell their property with existing tenancy. However the Tenant may not be very cooperative and may not even want to entertain viewing very frequently. So we just give up the chance of selling? Or we try selling using floor plan as what we normally do for new condo launch? In fact floor plan for resale property will not be effective as the investors/buyers are still keen to check out the actual layout or condition of the house. Therefore Virtual Tour will come in handy for such situation.

3) Virtual Tours are available 24/7 from any location. This is useful for overseas investors who do not have the luxury of time and space to travel down to physically view the houses. And in cases whereby your Sellers are frequently travelling overseas and viewing appointments are very hard to establish, that is where Virtual Tour will come in handy as it will still allow the buyers to view the house virtually even in the absence of actual viewing.

4) In the current challenging market, it is even more important as a property agent to brand yourselves different from the rest. As said earlier on, Virtual Tour is a very powerful marketing/advertising tool and yet it has not been widely used by many agents due to COST factor. With such a reasonable good rate that we are offering you, you can use Virtual Tour as one of your marketing tool to impress your potential sellers and increase your chance of securing another exclusive deal.

Why engage us?

1) We pride ourselves to capture high resolution images for the purpose of Virtual Tour so as to give viewers a good interactive experience.

2) We fully understand property agent’s needs and requirements as we, ourselves are property agents too

3) We provide user friendly virtual solution to our clients at very competitive rate and in fact we offer one of the cheapest rate in the market.

4) We understand that marketing cost is always a very important consideration for property agents. Therefore we allow agents to come together to share the Virtual Tour package and in fact we strongly encourage this approach as we do factor in attractive discount for agents who take up packages with us.

5) Our virtual tour can work seamlessly on PropertyGuru or your own personal agent website.

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